So, How’s Bangkok?



I’m asked by those from afar. “So, how’s Bangkok?”

“Hot! Flipping hot!”

I remember hitting the ground in Jakarta and how the temperature was oppressive. It’s the same here.

The heat. The humidity. It’s a jungle out there.

The high temps since we’ve been here have only been in the high 80’s, but the “Real Feel” temp is 102 degrees. It is impressive.

At 6:45 AM, I have a 500 meter walk to the train station.  I ride a few stops and then walk another 800 meters to work. For the first week I was a wilted mess by the time I reached my desk.

I’m actually close enough to walk and I’ve made the walk several times.  I’ve found that when I get home, I am only slightly more sweaty than on my morning commute.

I’ve found a dry cleaner in the basement of my office. I wear commuter clothes to and from and finished getting dressed at work.

We’ve arrived in the middle of the annual monsoon. Which means more moisture. It is cloudy most days. There are glimpses of the sun at dawn, but high clouds roll in early.  It often looks like a midwest winter’s day except that it’s 85 degrees.

It rains between 4 and 7 pm nearly every day.  And it is remarkable how quickly the rain comes on.  The skies darken in minutes, like someone drawing the blinds, and the deluge comes.  

On days when my officemates predict that it won’t rain until after 6, I walk home. At 10 until 5, when I’m about 400 meters from my house, the heavens open up. I could duck into a bar or resto or massage parlour and wait it out. But, as I’m already drenched with sweat, I quicken my pace and push home.  I cannot get any wetter. The rain cools me down, albeit briefly.


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Check them out!


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  1. It is amazing how quickly those storms form. I grew up on Oklahoma and skies that ominous almost always brought tornadoes. In Bangkok they bring a torrential downpour! Smart idea on the commuter clothes.


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