What’s In A Name?


The names of Thai people stretch into the decades of letters, and are often unpronounceable to foreigners and, indeed, even amongst themselves. So, they don’t use them, except in formal or bureaucratic cases.

For everywhere else, they shorten them to names like “Pip” or “Tit” or “Apple”.  There is even told that someone out there chose “Ipad” as their moniker. I have no idea how they get them. Whether it’s chosen or given?

I have an admin assistant named Pookie. I cannot convey how much pleasure it gives me to say, “Good morning, Pookie”, “Have a good weekend, Pookie”, “Pookie, can you fix my printer?” It is the best!  

Some people have capitalized on this. Like Poo. A woman living in the slum who started her own cooking school called “Cooking with Poo!” This is a pretty heartwarming story that you can read about HERE.

You can also learn a bit about curry here

We headed there today for two reasons…One, we sought the secrets of  Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice and, two, we wanted the photo above.

And a cookbook.  There was a cookbook, too. And a walking tour of Thailand’s largest market.  It was an intense hive of commerce that runs from 1AM til 7PM. Scroll down below to the gallery for some more photos.

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