Snacks of the Week

Your snack of the week. A new local series for Thai tastes. Tom Yum Shrimp flavoured. I’d rate these, not too darn bad
Your snack of the week… From Bangnamphueng floating market comes this culinary bit of artistry. A Hello Kitty pancake on a stick. Novel, and darn tasty! Watch this video to see how they made it…

6/11/2019 Your snack of the week… The “Mushroom Snack” Found in the aisles of Talad Neon Night Market. Large tuberous mushrooms, grilled, diced and smothered in your choice of six sauces and eaten with a stick.
6/4/2019 Your snack of the week… Coconut Corn popsicles. There’s nothing better way to beat the summer heat… Okay, this is one way to beat the summer heat
5/29/2019 Your snack of the week. 35 year old dried orange peels. Also available in 5, 10, 20 and 30 year old varieties. If you’re wondering, 1984 was a great year for orange peel. It was cooler then. There is less parched flavor than the 5 year varietal. I’m making that up. Price converts to 60 dollars for 50 grams or 30 bucks and ounce.
Your Snack of the Week. Cherry Blossom Flavor is the Pumpkin Spice Flavor of Asia.
5/14/2019 Your Snack of the Week: hmmmmm….
Your snack of the week!! America, land of misplaced patriotism? We may not defend the Constitution, but by God, our food’s going to match our flag! These colors don’t run, but they may cause digestive issues.
5/2/2019 Your snack of the week! Found these in DC. I think it’s just pepperoni slices with a different name, but maybe they’re dryer n crunchier.
4/25/2019 Your snack of the week. Lest you think only foreign countries have weird snacks, these were mailed to us. We were going to donate them to starving children, but I cracked the seal and ended up eating the whole box!
4/2/2019 Your snack of the week…. with hot season upon us, we’re looking for anything that will cool us off. So are the folks at Lays. These tasted like combination of melon and listerine. Not exactly what you want on a chip, but edible. I finished the bag. Still felt hot.
3/26/2019 Vietnamese rest stop food. Your snack of the week!
Your snack of the week.. appears to be salted caramel flavoured Pepsi. For those with a sweet tooth
1/30/2019 Your snack of the week…Caviar potato chips.
1/20/2019 It’s early, but here’s your snack of the week. Fish sauce and lemon gelato from Ralf’s Artisan Gelato. Ho Chi Minh City
1/16/2019 Your snack of the week.. a heart healthy Snickers bar.
1/9/2019 Your snack of the week. Made with real bird’s nest!! Helps keep your collagen healthy, or so I’m told
1/2/2019 Happy New Year. Your snack of the week. This one’s low cal, too! I honestly found this in a snack store
Your snack food of the week. These were mostly awful with a hint of good. Thanks Em Hammett

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