Last Train from Hua Lamphong

Between the spasms of human suffering, I took a pause late one morning to wander the Hua Lamphong train station. Having served Bangkok as the primary train station for 100 years, it will soon be replaced, by the new Bang Sue station in the coming months. This will be the largest transport center in SE Asia.

Despite its waning days, fresh landscaping still abounds at everywhere, including at the end of track #4.

Aging though it may be, Hua Lamphong has loads of early 19th century charm. High arched metal roof which must sound extraordinary ambient in a monsoon. Sooted skylights softening the light. Colonial, yet asian accents honoring king and country. 

The train to the Ayutthaya still leaves several times a day. Location of a large Buddhist university.

Shaded tracks from 1998 renovation

Never seen this in an airport, but here at the train stain there was a line 3 people deep at these two machines. Not sure why Ganesh’s fortunes cost twice as much, so I sprung for the scary hermit with a stick. He looked more legit. I was hoping for word that fortunes would improve. But I guess you get what you pay for.

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  1. Your photos are superb! I foresee a book coming of your travels and musings? It will make you rich and your colleagues pleased…

    Thanks for posting! So sad so much charm will be lost, I hope they find a way but we know progress as often a misnomer and certainly change is loss. Let us know the proverbs for that!

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