Panda McDelivery

Panda McDelivery.

I noticed this dapper young driver at a stoplight the other day.

Blessed are the delivery people, for during this pandemic, they keep us sated with Indian curries, falafel, crab omelettes and more. Indeed, all things consumable. Anything that can be encased in single-use packaging is within our grasp. Food, clothing, beer. 

FoodPanda is one of the delivery market leaders here in Bangkok. Our driver is fully kitted out on 155CCs of zip. Nimble enough to wind her way through the thinnest of slots and back alleys. Around and under mirrors.  

Shiny corporate logo helmet that indicates she achieved some incentive goal.

Reward panda and temperature scan stickers. Badges of honor

Dingy logo jacket that brags about the miles, or hours, more likely, that she’s spent on the road.

Full-time drivers can earn upwards of 40,000 Thai Baht per month after expenses. Not bad in a place where the average wage is 25,000 THB per month, and often far less.  Of course, that is driving full time or more, in heat, exhaust and traffic. At a rate of about 30 Baht per delivery, it’s a long road to riches. 

Our young lady’s stickered container that also shows the wear. Festooned with a reward panda and dozens of stickers. Badges of honor indicating all the times she’s been temperature screened. walking in and out of food courts, restos and condos. It is quite the collection. 

And of course, adding her own sense of style, the shoes and socks. Not quite Pandas, but pink and coordinated nonetheless. 

Stylish. Even on the road

Leaving a waft of food and fuel, the light turned green and they whizzed off into the morass. Chasing another dollar.

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