The Vegans

This thing happens outside the entrance to a park, usually on weekends. A group of vegans gathers. They’re expatriate.  They’re fit. They’re beautiful. They probably smell like a freshly mown field of clover.

I imagine that they pre-game on steamed quinoa and berries. Their schtick, as you can see, is that don all black and wear Anon masks and they stand in a square formation. Each holding a laptop running a video about the downsides to eating meat.  

They stand stock-still until someone walks by and starts viewing the video, then they engage in a further conversation about eating vegan.  I imagine they give them some leaflets of some sort. There’s not really and petition or anything to sign that I can see. After someone leaves, they go back to being an anonymous video screen.   

It’s slick and it gets attention, but that’s not why I bring it to your attention.

The funny thing happens on the surrounding sidewalks.  Within an hour or so of the arrival of the vegans, the food sellers line up.  And you might imagine it’s all healthy food, but you’d be mistaken. The two primary sellers are the pork and fried chicken sellers. They set up and they grill and they fry and all that smell wafts all around the area. They seem to do a bang up business.

And when the vegans go, they all move on.  They are not really there any other time. It’s like the food vendors are fighting a battle for their livelihoods.  “Yeah, they’ve got fit people and slick videos, but I’ve got fried chicken! You’re not going to turn away from that, are you?”

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