I never tried Popeyes Louisiana fried chicken until I went to Jordan. They weren’t around much in the Midwest growing up, and then being in a pescatarian family, I never had much opportunity.One day in Amman while on my own, it sounded good. And it was! Crunchy and tender. Savoury and a little spicy. I craved it every time Mrs. SAM went away.So, when you travel across the globe, your body doesn’t know what time it is when you land. Your gut is at rest, but the morning light is streaming into your head. Your stomach wakes up and is starving, thinking it must be breakfast. Your taste buds are sure it’s time for dinner.I landed in Detroit and, after strolling around a bit, I spied a Popeyes. All bodily systems agreed that this was the best choice in the entire airport. I was really looking forward to it. So much so that I ordered 5 tenders instead of my usual 3. I didn’t see my usual sauce, but I just picked the BBQ. With great relish, then, I took I my first bite. I found it to be eh, okay. Warm mediocrity, really.I tried another with a different sauce and there was no improvement. And it was the sauce that made the difference. In Jordan they had toum. A garlic sauce that is popular in the area. It is essentially a couple of whole heads of garlic pulverized into a paste and mixed with some lemon juice and oil and maybe a little salt. It makes everything taste better. And on this particular day, as I choked down my fifth chicken tender, I wish I had some.Here’s a recipe for toum. Try some.

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