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Color Day

Last weekend was a holiday.  Monday was an official day off to honour the passing of the Thai King in 2016. I’m not sure how long this will carry on, but he was a beloved guy and the longest reigning monarch, so there may be a holiday for several years.

The Saturday previous, was the actual anniversary of his death. I woke up and glanced down from my balcony window and just noted several different people walking by in yellow shirts. I didn’t think too much of it. It was early. I hadn’t had coffee yet.

We headed to the woods for a hike and I noticed maybe 90 percent of people on the trail had yellow shirts on. It was like IKEA had given all their employees the day off for a walk in the woods.

Opening my eyes more, I noticed, our van driver had a yellow shirt on, our doormen had switched from black to yellow.  What was going on?

A quick ask and it was revealed that the entire country was wearing yellow to honor the death of the king.

Why yellow? That was his color. He was known as the yellow king.

How did he get that color?  In Thailand, more important than the date of birth, the day of the week one is born. Astrologically, the day of the week determines your planet, the Hindu god and the Buddha who is supposed to look after you.

Each day of the week gets a color.  Every Thai knows them from primary school.

Tuesday is Pink

Wednesday is Green

Thursday is Orange

Friday is Blue

Saturday is Purple

Sunday is Red

Monday is Yellow.

Each day has an unlucky color as well. A color you’re not supposed to wear. It either makes getting dressed super easy or extra complicated.  

The king was born on Monday.  Hence, the color yellow is the King’s color.  And, in honor of his passing, the entire country put on yellow last Saturday.


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