Social media and the internet have been great in helping us keep connected to those we care about and what’s going on back home.

What’s going on in loved one’s lives. Who’s kid is going to prom or who’s traveling where.

It’s nice to be able to wake up and peruse a feed and find out whether a favorite team did well over night or if we should save the disappointment and skip the highlights.

There are spoilers to contend with. Whodunnits and the like. But, for the most part it’s a great resource, if somewhat addictive.

Sometimes, life moves so fast online. One wakes up and the whole world has flipped upside down.

I recall being at the State Fair years back. In the poultry barn were gathered hundreds of turkeys. Penned in together. Fluffy white plumage and crimson snoods and wattles shining under the bright lights. Sawdust and grain dust scented the air.

It must have been a weeknight, as there weren’t too many people around. Walking by mindlessly, I gobble-gobbled.

The entire flock gobbled back.

I stopped walking. That was cool.

“Gobble gobble!”

They gobbled again!

“Gobble gobble gobbled!”

They gobbled a little longer.


They gobbled shorter. This was power. These were my minions! I would become invincible!!!

“Honey…Let’s go get some cheese curds.” Mrs. S.A.M institute a coup and guided me out of the barn. At the far door, I couldn’t resist, I gobbled-gobbled one more time.

And they responded, just like I knew they would.

Anyway, I don’t really send out a lot of friend requests. If you get one from me, I’ve probably been hacked. Don’t accept it, but warn all your friends. Just hit copy and paste...

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