Boobs and Pot

Boobs and pot are only cursorily related to this post. I’m seeking mastery in click-baiting in an effort to boost readers.  
Democracy is a great thing. Or it used to be. Everyone gets a say in how their world should operate. I wonder sometimes, where it all went off into the weeds. You might say it’s gone to pot. 
After being away for years, I was able to attend the Community Festival or Comfest in Columbus, Ohio.  It is the largest volunteer run festival in something, something, something.  It’s been going on for, darn near, 30 years and is a pretty big event. Here are their principles
Multiple music stages, food, art, merchandise. For a weekend in June they transform a city park into a Love-in. Some of you dear readers would call it a libtard, freak show. There are bare-breasted women’s and lots of partaking.
It’s also a hotbed for community activism. It’s a great place for upcoming candidates to meet with those they wouldn’t ordinarily meet. Where else can a potential judge shake hands with men in kilts and hello kitty purses. 
There are a number of organizations trying to start ballot initiatives. Health care reform.  Environmental protection. Cannabis legalization. For the most part attendees are pretty community oriented. What better place to practice democracy? This is what makes America great. 
Until one totally abdicates one’s right and privilege. 
I was stopped by an activist and asked to sign a petition to support legalization of marijuana. I’m not totally convinced this is a great idea, but I wasn’t opposed to seeing it on the ballot. While completing my form I heard another conversation.
“Would you like to sign our petition?”
A young woman with a selfie- imager affixed to her hand replied, “Oh, I’m sorry.  I’m not even registered to vote.” She was young and pretty and dressed for summer. 
“That’s okay”, replied the activist, “you can register here, too!”  And he offered her a different clipboard with a voter registration form on it. The cannabis people are really prepared. 
“Oh, no, thank you!” She smiled.
I just wanted to bite her little head off!!  But instead, I gently cajoled, “hey, c’mon.  It’s a privilege. This is what makes America great!”
She just looked at me with her pale blue eyes and shrugged and then looked down at her phone and walked off to seek solace in her own vanity. 
And I sulked off to drown my sorrows in a 7 dollar beer

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