Speaking of School Safety.

Spawn of S.A.M graduated from an undisclosed school in Asia. It was a beautiful campus for 2000 kids or so. Rooftop water garden, covered amphitheater, snack bars, a couple sports fields, smoothie bar.
It was also a fortress. It’s not just schools. Cars are searched before entering most shopping malls.  Metal detectors and frisking takes place at all the doors. Even IKEA!  Who hates the Swedes for God’s sake?
The school grounds had 20 foot fencing surrounded the place.  Topped with razor wire or spikes. There were two entrances for cars and people. Every car was searched on entry. Trunks were opened, mirrors were thrust underneath. Each and every car. Large metal gates and barriers raised and lowered all day long.
Classroom doors were all rated to stop an AK-47 round.  Whether they would stop two rounds was another question.
They painted the walls with bright colors and positive affirmations to disguise the fact that they were walls.
Guards were posted by the score at the entrance. Each equipped with a panic button. A few had guns. They all smiled at the kids. Maybe that was part of the training. Maybe the kids were just funny.
No one got in without a photo ID. There were checkpoints within the school. Cameras were pervasive. It would be hard to find a blind spot there.
Guns were restricted as they are in most countries. Getting a paintball gun required a permit. There were always more guards than the capacity of a magazine, in the hope that the last one standing could hit the panic button.
Prior to spawn’s attendance; someone did toss a grenade or pipe bomb over the wall one day. No one was hurt. They raised the wall by a foot or two.
That’s how they harden schools abroad. It’s a huge infrastructure investment . It’s a huge labor cost.  One might even call it a jobs program.
“What’s your profession?”  
“I’m a doorman and a target.”
How hard should the walls and doors be?  How many bullet stoppers can we afford?  


Schools can be protected. If there are no limits to resources, then the walls can be as high as you want them to be and the guards can out number the bullets. But if there are limits…

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