The Mustard Teat

Here is the wurst thing about Germany, so far.   The sausage trucks.  They pop up everywhere. Mostly in farmers markets or street corners near transit stops. It’s a pretty simple affair with A multi zone griddle and a limited menu.  Bratwurst, knockwurst, rindwurst, bockwurst.  It’s a regular sausage fest. 

For 3 or 4 euro, you get an 8 inch link on a warm,fresh split 4 inch roll.  A brötchen. Overstuffed for sure, but soft and chewy on the inside and a crisp crunch that snows  crumbs down the front of your shirt.

But the most unique thing about the wurst thing is this. 

Behold! The mustard teat! 

It’s not hard to grasp the utter genius of this device. An inverted jug of sharp mustard with a rubber squeeze valve at the bottom. I imagine, for my own paranoia’s sake, that it is antimicrobial impregnated silicone.  

Public health concerns aside, it is the perfect condiment delivery system. You place your order, pay your money, you receive your sausage and step to the left.  The mustard teat allows total control whether you desire a single stream, the parallel lines or the classic sine wave of senf, the mustard teat allows for all in just seconds, with no overspray or mess. And none of the fluid seperation that comes with regular bottles and require shaking before use.

Napkins are right there.  Grab a few. Because, while there won’t be a mustard mess,  you’ll need them to wipe your chin after that first savory bite of a grill hot link

And on another note, when I was a kid, I’d read all the labels in the pantry.  It was before video games and the book mobile came but once a month. I noticed then that Heinz touted 57 varieties , but I never saw but one. Ketchup. I always wondered what happened to the other 56.

It turns out many of them are here.  Right down the street.

My new quest will be to find all 57 varieties. Stay tuned.

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