Where in the World is Secret Asian Man?

For the third time in three weeks someone has asked, “Where is Secret Asian Man? It’s been so long!”

Can’t really explain the hiatus, other than writer’s block. It’s not like I’ve been idle. Anyone who follows Mrs. SAM knows we’ve been active. There have been Ghost Festivals and Rocket Festivals. There have been farewell parties and welcome teas.  There have been whiskey tours and road trips and ball games. I suppose life got in the way. Or the stories never seemed quite right. But I’m resolving to try and do better. To at least be more in-and-out and less just out.

So where have we ended up? 

Frankfurt! This pic is actually from the US Consulate General which took over an unused military space. We’re 3 weeks into a few year stint. And if you had your fill of the Temples of Thailand, just wait until you see the castles and churches of Europe!  Here’s a sample from the first road trip. 

The Eittal Benedictine Abbey
King Ludwig’s Summer Palace
Downtown Augsburg. Second oldest city in Germany and a World Heritage Site for their assemblage of canals and dykes. Initiated by the Romans, of course.

We’ll see you again soon!

Looking southwest to Switzerland from outside Oberammagau

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