A Collective Against Corona

Another third viral insight. I can’t help it. It’s just an interesting thing to watch.

This time from The Republic of China and a recent three days there.  Their response has been quite impressive from a collective perspective. In the absence of an authoritarian government, they’ve managed to roll out up to date information and policies almost in real time.

A detailed travel history is collected on the plane on the way in. A valid contact method is required and each person is interviewed prior to entry into the country.  In addition, your travel history is verified by the passport you use to enter with. You also get a temperature check prior to entry and an info sheet on what to do if you start to feel unwell.

This is the first temperature check of countless that took place, both active and passive. I had my team checked to get into my hotel.  It was checked before I went to look at the gym. Not only work out, but just to take a brief tour. It was checked on entry to each meal before being seated. 

Each child is screened daily before entry into school, as are all guests and visitors to the school.

Each mall has restricted entry and every one entering has a temperature check.  I honestly don’t know how they had so many digital thermometers on hand.  

They had a case of someone who tested positive and they were in country illegally, but the local equivalent of the CDC commandeered her cell phone records and matched it with CCTV footage and they were able to create nearly every single step of this person for the 14 days prior to her testing. They then notified folks who were close to her at any point. 

They provide daily updates on information. Everyone should be able to get info if they want.  Hand sanitizer is posted by every door

The only weird thing is the penetration rate of mask usage, which, based on my estimate is over 95 percent. I’m not convinced that full time mask use for non-ill people is effective, but  this is the message and people are following it fastidiously. 

Two interesting things. First, the Taiwanese response has been commended recently as a model for other countries to follow. Second, because of Taiwan’s unique situation with the PRC, they aren’t allowed membership with the World Health Organization. One wonders how this may have hindered, or helped, their response reaction, though I’m sure there are informal relations. 

Overall, people seem to have come to terms that things will need to change if they are going to slow the progression of the illness. Despite their proximity to China, Korea and Japan, their numbers are quite low. For Taiwan, it seems that rigid checks and procedures and education, may be doing the trick.

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