Johl: Top-shelf Indian

After watching the transformation for months, we tried a new Indian place last night. 

Jhol just opened a couple weeks ago. It is South Indian focused and and a tasteful, high-end option to add to the varied Indian places in the area. 

It’s mod. It’s hip. It’s small plates served in increments of prime numbers. Forcing a Chip-and-Dale-style sharing between any number of diners. “No, you take the last one. No, I insist, you take the last one….” and so on. 

The reported changing menu items are creatively presented with a great flourish and attention to detail befitting the price. There are rocks and pumpkin shells and coconut husks.  There are flames and wooden mushrooms and any manner of items that must give the dishwashers fits at night.

It’s a leisurely meal and the service was very good. A few growing pains, but those are sure to be sorted in quick order.

Probably the most inspired are the cocktails on offer. Lots of indian spices. A little heat. A little sweet. Something for everyone, except, as Mrs. S.A.M. pointed out, those who like their drinks dry and bitter. We’re assured the bar offerings are expanding in the coming weeks.

The Mekhong Whisky cocktail mellows out an otherwise harsh local spirit with infusion of banana and pandan and smoke. Served chilled over ice, it is a great way to start or finish the evening. 

Easily accessible with a short walk from the BTS, I’d highly encourage a visit to Johl on Soi 18. Reservations and credit cards accepted.  

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