Rise of the Machines

Was stumbling through Australia recently and came upon this scene.

For those of you too hurried to click, it’s a short video of your future.

The machines are coming. This is just one more piece of the puzzle.

At a McDonalds in the Sydney Airport, orders are placed on a screen. Money is sipped your account via card you tap. Please step to the right… Next!

Somewhere upstairs, in another room, your food is prepared and bagged, Henry-Ford-like, and shunted on down the line.

It could be humans up there on the line. Or autonomous minions. A minion can squirts out just the right amount of special sauce. A distracted teen? It varies. So, the betting money is on the minions. If there’s a kid with coding experience, maybe they get to be the overseer.

The only human-to-human touch in the whole transaction is from the pimply faced teen who calls out the number on the bag. They don’t even need to count. They just need to read the numbers between one and ten. “Six-five-three!” “Six-five-four!… Order six-five-four!!” Maybe there’s time for a nod and a smile. But don’t take too long lest the line backs up and they gotta shut the whole thing down.

Ba da ba da dahhh…. I’m loving it!

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