Wudu Voodoo

Federal Mosque, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This may not mean a lot, but I wanted to record this so I don’t forget. Maybe it would come in handy if one ever needed to ritually enter a mosque.

In a Malaysia, we took a tour of a mosque with a guide named “Bob”,  a tanned Malay with big eyes, great english skills and a thin grey beard encircling is face. He was full on information. I always enjoy the tours of mosques. There is always something to learn.

My two take-aways….

One) No one can be denied entry from a mosque as per the Quran 9:28.  I’m not sure it says that. I looked it up and I might interpret a lot differently.  But, Bob said it was okay. I’ve seen mosques that let in outsiders. I’ve been to mosques and not been allowed to enter them. Don’t really know why there would be a difference.

Two) I now know how to do wudu.  Wudu is the ritualistic ablutions one performs prior to prayer. Bob was keen to teach me. Here’s the gist. Islam requires that the follower wash before prayer with water if it is available.  Deep in the desert, sometimes they wash with sand. But, water is the usual method. Men and women wash in separate rooms. In this mosque there were several rows of spigots jutting out of low walls. One steps up to the spigot and turns on the tap. He runs his right hand through the water washes his hands up to the wrists.  

Then you run your wet hand through your hair from your forehead back and then forth and then back around and clean your ears.  

Moving back to the arms. You wash your arms up to the elbows, starting with the left arm. Then the right.  

And finally, you wash your feet up to the knees.  And then, after the obsession, you’re ready to pray.  And you do that 5 times a day for life.

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