Wadi Mujib on the Downside


I’m nearing the end of my time here at “the crossroads of Armageddon”, as some have put it.  And while we approached Amman with a good deal of trepidation, we’ve grown to enjoy the place. As long as one pays attention, it’s not too hard to live a normal-ish life.  A life quite different from that of the TV screen.
Of course, once there’s an end date, there is also the sudden appearance of a list. A list of all the the things you still haven’t seen or done or eaten.  Or the things you said you’d do again when so-and-so visited.
“Man! They’d love this!”
Hiking Wadi Mujib was one such place. Closed ½ the year due to high water and restricted to those over the age of 18. Lifejackets are required. Guides are sort of posted at the hard parts. It’s only a couple of hours hike.  One hour in. One hour out.  Hiking or slogging up stream like spawning salmon into a canyon only a few meters wide. Scrambling up waterfalls.  Fording deep pools hand-over-hand on a rope. Terminates at a waterfall.  Sometimes you can slip behind for a good natural Hammam experience.  Today, though it was closed. Too much water coming through.
You head out the way you came in. Back down the ropes and ladders or if you can, sliding down the rocks and floating.  Letting the current carry you along. Back down to the car and dry clothes.
Today, was a repeat experience. The water was high from the rain a week ago. It felt at times like every river and stream in the country was pouring through this slot. But, it was as much fun as anticipated.
If you come, plan on April through Early-December and plan on getting wet. There is no way around it, though it is gentler as the season wears on.
Here are some shots from the day….

Entering the Siq


Small water fall
Crack in the sky.
Fording the rough parts with ropes.



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