Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
After several months and some fits and starts, I’m trying to get back in the groove. I feel I haven’t really related what life in Jordan is like and I hope to make it up this year. And I will.
I thought a lot today about what to start off with, but it really came down to missing my kids. We had two fun weeks and after going months without seeing them, it was great to have their energy and presence, their humour and personality back in our lives for a while.
The cookies get eaten a lot faster.  The hot water goes quicker, too. After they depart and sheets are changed, the echoes of our laughter and conversation remain. I pick the stale candy off the gingerbread houses and think about each spawn’s theme and architectural design.  They are certainly unique in their own way.  
It’s nice to see them grow up.  It’s nice to see them make mistakes and plans.  And it’s nice to look forward to when we can spend some time again.  
I mentioned my laxity in keeping up with this blog to my son. He, a budding writer, proposed that we keep each other motivated by supporting each other.  We gave ourselves deadlines and we’ll aim to keep each other honest.  He’s got a Tuesday deadline. Mine’s Friday.
So, look forward to entries on the ins and outs of Arab banking, or a brief foray into the Jordanian medical system to come.  Or whatever else, I can come up with.
In the meantime, you may also want follow along on his blog as well.  You can find it at….


Until next week…. Massalameh!

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