Travel Serendipity

This is how travel serendipity happens and it doesn’t happen quite often enough, but just enough to keep you moving.

You meet a former guide who asks to meet you later for drinks at the Petra Kitchen. You have no idea where that is, but you wait unit you’re hungry enough to go out looking for it.
Walking after dark, you spy a small sign for “Petra Kitchen”, but the place looks kind of closed. You open the door and ask about a table. The host tells you that there is a cooking class going on tonight and they’re closed.
A couple is sitting in the center of the restaurant.  They are the only two people in the place. They shout out, “We’ve just cooked enough food for eight people and there’s just the two of us. Why don’t you join us? “
The perplexed waiter agrees and pulls up chairs and place settings. Bowls and cups appear and food is passed.
And that is how you meet Marc from the U.K., (who spells his name with a ‘c’ in my mind, because he’s in advertising and I feel that he must spell it that way) and his Spanish bride Maribelle. They both live in Dubai. They tell us about the dishes they’ve cooked and how everything was prepared.
And we had a wonderful home cooked Bedouin meal, and a great conversation about corruption and government and the Ministry of Happiness, and what a job that would be.
Though we’ll likely never see these people again, we feel better for dining with them.
And all for pushing on a closed door. We never did meet our guide.

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