Beige First Impressions

If it is not yet apparent, Amman, Jordan is the site of our next post. We arrived 5 days ago.

One word, first impression?  Beige. Beige earth and beige building stretch away into the hills.  On the road in from the airport, the light beige looked like snow under the moon.

Second word? Dust. It’s everywhere and everything that is not beige, turns beige. Plants, cars, people. It’s such a disparity from the moisture filled air we’ve been in previously.

It’s desert air and so, from 11 until 5 pm it is 90 degrees. It’s a dry heat, but it’s heat. Space in the shadows is cooler commodity. The remainder of the day, at least this time of year, is wonderful? Morning and evening walks are High 60s or low 70.  Refreshing. That’s the time to be outside.

Overall, it seems safe. Peaceful feeling, really. If you didn’t read the news you’d have little idea of the skirmishes and wars within a few hundred miles to the north, south, east, and west; in Syria, Yemen, Israel or Iraq.  There is a fairly strong security and police presence around.

We’ve gone from a personal famine in bread and cheese, to an absolute Mecca for both. The average corner store has a cheese selection that could rival anything back home.

And we’ve found a bakery where pita bread falls pocket by pocket out of the sky. Not kidding. The bed is baked in the basement, conveyed and cooled on a belt to the second floor and then plops back down to the ground floor through a chute where pita elves bag it up. 2 dozen pieces for about 40 cents. A gluten lovers paradise. I promise you, dear reader, a video of this process soon.

Spices abound as do olives, which grow everywhere. Dates and figs as well.

In what seems to be our pattern when we move, we’ve been to 4 different grocery stores in five days. Just seeing what’s out there as we expand our bubble. Seems that we can get most things we may need within walking distance.

More news to come soon.  It’s safe. We’re safe, sheltered and will be well-fed.  I’ll put a call out now for visitors. Flights from the U.S. can be found starting around $675. We’d love to show you around.

You can read more here at: Adventures in Wonderland

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