The Trouble with the Gays

It’s been just six weeks since the bombing and shooting in Central Jakarta, so it is understandable that the country is in an uproar about… the gays.  All the other letters are causing a stir too. The Ls. The Bs. The Ts.  All of them are lumped into the gays.  

I left the country for a few weeks and when I came back I found that this was the hot topic in Jakarta.  The issue with the gays.  They’re foreign influencers, they say.  It’s part of a proxy war.  It’s all a plot. Like invasion of the body snatchers. Perfectly health heterosexuals have been kidnapped and replaced with exact, but maybe better dressed replicas. They’re among us trying to sway us to their ways.

In addition, to outside influences, people have laid blame on poor parenting and curiously, Instant Ramen Noodles which are a staple in the diet here.  

Imams have gone on record as saying gay activity is forbidden.  Gays are evil monsters who prey on children. Politicians while agreeing with the Imams, are quick to discourage any violence toward them. Though they may be monsters, but they’re our monsters.  Human monsters.

There is a variety of proposed remedies.  Religious scholars say that the weak just need to pray more.  In response some districts have increased the length. of the school day in order to allow time for more religious instructions. Vitamins are being sold to students to make it easier for them to stay awake for more praying.  The vitamins it turns out are often speed or meth. This in a country where selling drugs is punishable by death. It is just crazy!

Speaking of crazy, Indonesian psychiatrists have progressed up to the 50’s and have declared homosexuality as a mental illness that can be treated. Some offer rehabilitation themselves or referral to mosques. Experience God’s love is the first step to a cure. You can read more about this here

Keep in mind there is a long history of acceptance of the trans-gendered.  To the point that there was an Islamic school that taught only trans-gendered students. It was forced to close last month amid the furor.  

There was a list published a while back allegedly from some higher up person or other that gave

How to spot a gay

information on how to identify gay males in your midst.  Among the clear identifiers, Men who are clean, take lots of selfies and wear…… V neck t-shirts. ?!?  I wish I were making this stuff up.  

There has been recent banning or discouragement from allowing effeminate TV presenters in any role. It is still unclear about how this is defined. For the moment, male presenters are maybe a little more slovenly and wear crew necked shirts.  

I wonder, does this mean the terrorists are winning?

(Any views above, expressed or implied, are solely my own observations and not those of any other entity.)

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