In Abundance

Back to the Homeland recently for the Autumnal Equinox. Don’t know about the country as a whole, but in the Midwest this means pumpkin spice latte everything!  Coffee and tea, of course. And cookies, and donuts and bagels and room freshener a and car fresheners. I swear I saw pumpkin spice latte intimate massage oil.  

Ok. That’s a lie. I didn’t really see that.  But if present trends continue, it should be here soon, and when it gets here, I want a cut of the profits.

I can see the advert now. “This season only. Pumpkin chai massage oils. Spicing up those cool
Autumn nights.” Maybe a howling werewolf (in a smoking jacket) at the end.

Was also pleased to see the trend of of beverage size has continued.  A small beverage at Burger King is 20 oz.  This may have been this way last year, but it’s a shock to see such a size after being away. The pile of medium and large size cups behind the counter looked like the cleaning supply aisle.

Was also introduced to the concept of chicken fries at Burger King. Chicken formatted into the shape of French fries, breaded and then served in a cup or a box.

Oh America, your abundance has gotten the better of you.  I hear your fears of taking in refugees and your reluctance at giving money to the poor in other countries, but a little scarcity may do you some good.

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