A Tale of Two Airlines

Here’s a brief comparison of two very different airlines, SingaporeAirlines and Air Niugini.
Both are actually comparably priced.  Air Niugini has a pretty solid monopoly on the Papua New Guinea market, so they can charge whatever they want. My Singapore air flight was a short one, so it was cheaper.
Both airlines have a good amount of legroom for an average size adult. Much more than a US carrier.
Singapore Airlines economy seats adjust two different ways. There are adjustable foot rests hanging of the seat in front of you for extra for extra comfort.
Air Niugini seats have a small nubbin beneath the padding in the middle of the seat at the level of one’s thoraco-lumbar spine. It was in two different seats on a round trip.  It is impossible to sit comfortably without the nubbin poking you painfully. After 6-½ hours, it is a new level of airline seating discomfort.
There is a business class on Air Niugini that looks rather posh.  Economy class, though is set up to maximize the number of seats in the available space.  As a result the lavatories are placed along the side in the middle of the cabin and open directly onto the cabin.  The after effects of a planeload of digested airport food wafts into the open space with each opening of the door.  The only laminar air flow available only moves front to back. Even those of us 20 rows back suffer this design flaw.
The number of attendants on Singapore Air is impressive. They’re everywhere. And they still provides scented, steaming hot towels. Towels so hot, they’re issued with tongs.  When they march down the aisle, the odor of jasmine fills the cabin in a pleasing way.
One area where Air Niugini excels is their blankets.  They seem near full sized and are plush and cozy.  They’re long enough that one can be keep warm and place over one’s nose and mouth to act as a filter.
Both, airlines served equally unappealing food.  The chicken dish for both was bland and unfinish-able. Only the desserts warranted a second bit. I was expecting better from Singapore given their reputation.  If only Singapore Air would serve up those sweet-smelling towels.
P.S.  These are not photos I took.  I didn’t think to take any at the time.  I found them on a website called Airplanefood.net which as near as I can tell is a website devoted to nothing but photos of airplane food.  I think I’m gonna join.

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