This is a movie review.

The ambassador does very good job of bringing locals and Americans together.  I mean, I guess that is their job, interceding between two countries.  But, the Ambassador here does well in doing this on a personal level. Promoting activities between American staff and our locally employed staff. He is very involved in team building. He participated in the award for the local Karaoke competition. He promises to compete next year.

An Indonesian won the Venice Film Festival award for his film “Maryam.”  This is a first, and a big deal among Indonesians.  

To showcase, the ambassador screened the film over lunch this week and had the director,Sidi Saleh, come in and talk about his film. It was well-attended by all.  

“Maryam” is about a Muslim, Indonesian, pregnant house girl who has to take care of an autistic young Catholic man over a Christmas weekend and what happens to them both when he forces her to take him to church on Christmas Eve.  

There are so many conflicts contained with in.   Rich v poor. Higher Class v lower class. Muslim v Catholic. Autistic v “Normal”.

One would think it difficult to touch on so much in just 17 minutes, but this flick manages to delineate them all with a gentle humor and grace and scant dialogue.  I mean, one of the characters is autistic played by a true autistic gentleman.

I wish I could send you somewhere to watch it, but it is not yet on Netflix or Amazon or any other outlet that I can find.  I know.  What’s the use of reviewing a movie you cannot find.  My apologies.

Do keep an eye out for it though, at a theatre or film fest near you.  “Maryam” directed by Sidi Saleh.  If you can find it, you will enjoy.

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