Read a news article the other day about “Jilboob.”   This was not in the New York Times.

Jilbab, in Indonesia, is the wearing by women of head scarves and not the full flowing garment that middle eastern women wear. I’m told that the number of women wearing scarves has grown remarkably in recent years.

Reading about this, I have to wonder if this is what Cyndi Lauper was singing about with her big hit years ago.  “Jil bab, he bab a we bab….”

Anyway, here’s why they do it….

“Tell the believing men that they shall subdue their eyes (and not stare at the women), and to maintain their chastity. This is purer for them. God is fully Cognizant of everything they do. And tell the believing women to subdue their eyes, and maintain their chastity. They shall not reveal any parts of their bodies, except that which is necessary. They shall cover their chests, and shall not relax this code in the presence of other than their husbands, their fathers, the fathers of their husbands, their sons, the sons of their husbands, their brothers, the sons of their brothers, the sons of their fathers. They shall not strike their feet when they walk in order to shake and reveal certain details of their bodies. All of you shall repent to God, O you believers, that you may succeed.” (Quran 24:30-31)

They don’t want to inflame the males.

Well, back to that article on “Jilboob”.  It drew back the veil on the phenomena of Indonesian women wearing a head covering to signify their chastity and modesty, but also wearing tight fitting garments that show off their curves in an effort to be in touch with their femininity.  It must be a real thing, ‘cause I saw it on the internet.

Walking around the malls and shopping area, you can see the discrepancies.  From the neck up, they’ve given themselves over to God. From the shoulders down, it’s OMG!.  And, the heels?!? How can they “not strike their feet when the walk in order to shake and reveal certain details of their bodies” with 5 inch heels?

This is just another of the contradictions that adds to the richness of this place, and indeed any place.

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