This is a testimonial to the value of modern chemistry.  Dramamine is a godsend. And, here is why.
After our Trauma First Aid class we were sent over the hill to the local Motor Speedway for a day and a half of safety and evasive driving.   This class was a total blast!
Riding around in old police cruisers (Crown Victorias) we wore helmets which should tell you something.  We skidded.  We learned to get out of skids.  We stopped… hard. Without hitting cones…. mostly.  We slalomed and we mostly stayed on the road.  The photo above is kind of how we looked.  😉 Though there was more Cooter and no Daisy Duke. 
On the second day, we did most of the same things, only in reverse.  We backed through slaloms.  We skidded a bit.  Then we had to do it all in traffic.  All the other students skidding and backing up in a bit of a traffic concert.
Oh, and we rammed! Yes, rammed.  Other cars.  They lined up some junked, but still functional cars and we took turns ramming through a road block.  I could not help but fantasize about the mall parking lots at Christmas time.  This was awesome.
After lunch we put it all together.  We faked out baddies sneaking up behind us, baddies sneaking up in front of us and baddies in their roadblocks.  Baddies, everywhere!
So, where does the Dramamine come in?
This class was a blast to drive, but I believe there is a reason the car was lined in plastic.  Sloshing around in the back of this car while our teacher or other students drove was truly a nauseating experience.  It was all I could do to keep my lunch down and I’m not usually one to get ill.   Eventually I had to be left off at a shelter house.  “The Barfzebo”, they called it.  I wasn’t alone.  There was a handful of green souls sitting out for a while.

With motion sickness pills on the second day, though, I was totally able to out ride the bad guys without tossing my cookies. 

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  1. Did they teach you how to identify whether the cars in the roadblock are front- or rear-engine, so you could aim for the lighter end?When my dad was at AID in the 80s, and he took an overseas gig in India for a couple of months, that was part of the driving course he had to take. I wonder how much it's changed since then.


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