Astound and Amaze Your Fellow Travelers, Vol I

Secret Agent Man will be travelling a lot and is considering a segment called “Astound and Amaze Your Fellow Travellers”   Feel free to contribute.  I’m sure we all have a story.

Like the gentleman pictured above.  This is a bit early in the waiting period, but believe me, he laid right here as the waiting area filled up and was still lying here when I boarded my plane.

What’s he doing?  It may be a bit tough to see.  There is a bench of 4 seats.  He has his brief case on the end closest to us.  The second seat is open.  The third seat has his tablet and his carry on suit bag is draped over the fourth seat.

He has taken off his shoes and is lying in front of his possessions.  He has hi-grade, noise cancelling head phones connected to his phone and is using his wait time to call hotel and rental car companies to complain loudly about services he’s missed on his travels. We all know now how Hertz has done him wrong with their lack of an upgrade.  I wish I’d video taped this generous use of personal space.

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